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Title I

What is Title I?  

Utah receives Federal Funds within the Title I Part A of Every Students Succeed Act (ESSA) to assist higher-poverty schools in Utah provide supplemental educational services to meet the needs of economically and educationally disadvantaged students by: 

Goals of Title I Part A 

  • Helping students achieve proficiency and growth on rigorous State academic standard in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science

  • Closing achievement gaps
  • Building teacher capacity through high-quality, on-going, job-embedded professional learning opportunities
  • Engaging parents in helping their children succeed through meaningful, high-quality, evidence-based parent, family, and community engagement activities
  • Providing a well-rounded education for all students 

Parents Right to Know

Dear Parents, According to Title I federal regulations, you have the right to access the following information:

• Whether the teacher of your child meets the state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grades and subjects he or she teachers.
• Whether the teacher of your child is teaching under emergency or provisional status because of special circumstances.
• The teacher of your child’s college major, whether the teacher has any advanced degrees, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree.
• Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your child and, if so the qualifications of those paraprofessionals.
You can receive this information by contacting the office or Title I Coordinator.

School-Parent Compact

Student Agreement

It is important that I work to the best of my ability.

Therefore, I will do the following:

·        Attend school regularly and be on time.

·        Follow instructions the first time.

·        Obey the classroom rules (CHAMPS) and the school expectations (Be Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Ready)

·        Ask for help from my teacher and family if I am having trouble doing my work.

·        Read for 20 minutes each day and turn in my reading log.

·        Do my homework and turn it in on time.

·        Give my parents all the notices and information from school.

Teacher Agreement

It is important that students achieve. Therefore, I will do the following:

·        Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment.

·        Provide information about student progress.

·        Keep a safe and inviting learning environment.

·        Build a relationship with every family in my class.

·        Make sure every student gets the help he/she needs.

·        Provide accelerated , high quality curriculum that enables all students to achieve challenging standards.

Parent Agreement

I want my child to achieve. Therefore, I will do the following:

·        See that my child is punctual and attends school regularly.

·        Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper behavior expectations.

·        Establish a routine for homework.

·        Encourage my child’s efforts and be available for questions.

·        Stay informed about my child’s education through communication with the classroom teacher.

·        Attend all scheduled conferences.

·        Read with my child

Principal Agreement

I value the success of students. Therefore, I will do the following:

·         Ensure that educational services are provided by highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals.

·         Provide a safe climate conducive to student learning.

·         Involve parents in the development of goals and expectations.

·         Build the capacity of parents to help their children achieve high standards.

·         Share assessment and evaluation data with parents and/ or the public.

·         Provide meaningful and ongoing professional development.


Wendover High School Parent & Family Engagement Policy

The parents, faculty & staff of Wendover High School students recognize the importance of parent and family engagement in a student’s academic success. We encourage parents to be part of the journey and welcome parents help and support.

Parents and Family members were invited to give their input as to how they would like to have communications from the school. This occurred during a Fall Parent Teacher Conference session. The best ways to implement effective parent and family engagement activities to improve student academic achievement and overall school performance were discussed.

As a result of this meeting and the parent input that was gathered WHS will work to ensure that it is: removing any barriers to engagement of parents, working to identify any needs that parents and families that are preventing them from helping with their child’s learning, and implement strategies to support successful family- school interactions.

Ideas for parent and family engagement

•    Volunteer in classroom.
•    Attend community council meetings.
•    Attend various sporting or club events.
•    Attend scheduled assemblies.
•    Attend Parent Teacher Conferences.
•    Attend FAFSA night


It is the intent that our communication be frequent, timely and written in an understandable and uniform format. If there is need for clarification, interpretation or additional support, contact the office (435 665-2343) for assistance.
•    School to Parent: (listed in the order of most importance as stated by parents)
o    EZ texting – mass texts
o    Phone calls home. Use automated call out system for school wide events and absences.
o    Social Media Posts about school activities, we use Facebook,
Instagram & Twitter
o    Paper fliers sent home with student
o    Post events on posters
o    Post events on webpage
o    Parent teacher conferences
o    Progress reports
o    Phone call from principal or teacher
•    Parent to school:
o    Email
o    Phone calls
o    Notes to teachers
o    Scheduled visits
o    Parent teacher conferences
o    Sign and return requested forms

Community Resources

Wendover High School is part of a community effort to strengthen home and families through:
•    Valley Mental Health Services available 2-3 times per month @ WHS.
•    Health department screenings

Flexible Meeting Times

In order to foster strong communication and parent and family engagement, it is our intent to provide flexible meeting times for parent teacher conferences, community council meetings and family nights.

School-Parent Compact

The School-Parent Compact is a document that clarifies what families and schools can do to help children reach high academic standards. This compact serves as a reminder of everybody’s responsibility in supporting student success in learning. This compact is a contract between teachers, students, principal and parents.

We welcome and encourage any ideas or suggestions to better improve the success of our students at Wendover High School.

An annual Title I Meeting will be held at Wendover High School at the beginning of each school year. All parents have the right to and are encouraged to attend this meeting and be involved.
If you have any questions, feel free to call or email:

Heather Castagno
Wendover High School
(435) 665-2343 ext. 6100